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  3. Smooth Shiny Body - Dark olive

Smooth Shiny Body - Dark olive

The fly-tying material is intended, as the translation of its name suggests, a "smooth shiny body" for the creation of very attractive bodies of artif... full description
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Product number:SSB15
EAN code:8596334014407
Complete specifications

The fly-tying material is intended, as the translation of its name suggests, a "smooth shiny body" for the creation of very attractive bodies of artificial flies. The material is made of specially shaped polymers, which are characterized by high gloss, translucency, flat structure and good strength, even if the material is very thin. In addition to the color scale, we added the property of UV light reflection to this material by dyeing.

This material has two colors of gloss, namely green (peacock) and UV blue-violet, which alternate in the material at different angles of light reflection. Translucency, another property that is very important for this material and makes the body of the fly an unmistakable effect. When tying the body of the fly, we layer the material on top of each other and the first layer transmits light and the lower layer reflects it back, thus changing the shade of color when tying. The material has a flat structure, which is a significant advantage when tying, the body of the fly does not acquire, and unwanted humps are not formed. The flat structure is also very good for light reflection or absorption. The material is technologically modified to reflect UV light. Simply put, if we shine a UV flashlight on the material, especially with less saturated colors, the material lights up. The material is very light and is suitable not only for tying nymphs, but also dry flies.


How to use the material correctly?

The material has two sides, both sides are glossy, however, only one of them has a visible blue-violet UV reflection. Despite the translucency of the material, it is important to bind the material so that the side with the UV gloss is always upwards.

The colors can be combined in flies, the material, thanks to its structure, fits perfectly together and creates an unmistakable mosaic on the body of the fly. The fineness of this material allows you to tie even ultra small flies of sizes 18 and smaller. On the other hand, the material can be used well on larger hooks. The largest hook tested was a gammar type size 8 when tying a mosquito.

Findings from testing can be found on the blog in the articles.

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